About the Designer

They say the road less taken is the hardest path. For me, it was the only path I would ever choose.

Hi, I’m Vinita. The founder and designer at Callista By Vinita. I’ve always been an ardent fan of individual freedom and inclined towards creativity from a very young age. The right to choose your own path, shape your own destiny; be the hero of your own story. That was why I left a successful and comfortable corporate career behind to embark on my own dream of being a Jewelry Designer.

In 2010, I pursued a degree in Jewelry Design, a first step towards my passion and moved to the United States with my husband and son. I enhanced my existing knowledge of the world of design, jewelry and gemology by adding further credentials to my resume from the Gemological Institute of America, and the New York Jewelry Design Institute. Today, I bring to you the fruit of my learnings and labor in the form of Callista By Vinita which stands for originality, individuality and beauty.

I believe that true beauty comes from empowered women who embrace their own raw individuality. Like the fine cut of a gorgeous gemstone. I bring to you jewelry that embraces all your flaws and perfections and brings out your inner diva.

“Be the star of your own show” you like to stand out from the crowd, not because you like attention, just you didn’t want to be like everyone else. Normal is boring. So why wear jewelry that is normal and boring?

About the Brand

Welcome to Callista - Bold personal pieces with and eclectic edge inspired by nature, vintage glamour and luxurious colors and textures. Our bespoke pieces are made for the original women like you who consider themselves eclectic and demand a personal touch in every detail. Women like you who adore to stand out from the crowd and reclaim your place in the spotlight with jewelry that speaks to your life story.

Callista takes inspiration from women who push boundaries and inspire the world with their sheer grit. Just like you do, since true class and elegance never goes out of style.

Callista was made to make you feel inspired, original, unique and empowered at the same time. Why be a short-lived chapter when you can be the entire novel?

Come be a part of my journey. Choose the path that others forgo so that you can find your true calling. Be bold and beautiful. Be YOU.

- Vinita Navale